Announcement / August 2023
AAAE x Blank Slate
Partnering to improve outcomes in zero-fail aviation environments.
Release - Blank Slate and AAAE, the largest professional organization for airport employees, have signed a multi-year partnership to reduce operational risk, improve safety, and strengthen compliance throughout the airport environment.

AAAE has 9,000 individual members representing 875 commercial and general aviation airports.  AAAE also provides training and related services to more than 370 airports, delivering more than 1.5 million training sessions annually.
“Our collaboration with Blank Slate modernizes airport compliance training and improves the retention of critical knowledge airport workers must master to protect their safety and keep facilities secure.

The app provides a novel and continuous feed of critical information to support airport workers and provides airport leadership real-time awareness of where additional training and knowledge reinforcement may be needed.

Airports are already seeing results in successful, peer-reviewed industry pilots."

- Kyle Herbig, Vice President of Airport Solutions, AAAE
"Blank Slate is thrilled to partner with AAAE to help improve outcomes in high performance, zero-fail aviation environments. Building on a successful major deployment with the United States Air Force, we are excited to apply our defense-grade technology in the commercial aviation environment."

- Matt Trevithick, CEO, Blank Slate

Blank Slate participated in an independent assessment of its technology through the National Safe Skies Alliance ASSIST program in 2022. Airport Security Coordinators wishing to review the report should contact Anna Hamilton.

Deploy Blank Slate at your organization

Airports that use AAAE’s computer-based training services, Digicast and Interactive Employee Training (IET), can acquire the Blank Slate app for its workforce directly through AAAE at an exclusive rate. Knowledge tests offered by AAAE through its training services, or the airport’s own curriculum, can be uploaded to the Blank Slate application for use in its operation. The association’s computer-based training services are used by more than 370 airports across the country and deliver more than 1.5 million training sessions annually on airport related topics.

ABOUT AAAE: Founded in 1928, American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) is the world's largest professional organization representing the individuals who work at public-use commercial and general aviation airports. AAAE's 9,000 members represent over 850 airports and hundreds of companies and organizations that support the airport industry. Headquartered in Alexandria, Va., AAAE serves its membership through results-oriented representation in Washington, D.C., and delivers a wide range of industry services and professional development opportunities, including training, conferences, and a highly respected accreditation program. 

ABOUT BLANK SLATE TECHNOLOGIES: Blank Slate is a deeptech startup transforming how organizations reduce operational risk. We do this by enhancing cognitive performance and improving critical knowledge retention and utilization. Headquartered in Arlington, VA, Blank Slate pairs the latest brain research with AI models into an intuitive app for users of all backgrounds and is trusted by the world's highest performance teams across the US Special Operations Community. 

Deploy Blank Slate at your organization